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See how the Blood Brothers rank things in their own eyes and collections! Various lists for various things. Check back often for upates!

Eric's Top 5 Genre Films For Christmas:
5. Christmas Evil
4. Tales From The Crypt ["All Through The House" segment] (1972) 
3. Night Train Murders
2. Gremlins
1. Black Christmas (1974)

OCTOBER 2011: 31 MUST SEE HORROR FILMS (No particular order)
Eric's Must See Classic (pre-1990) Horror Films:
1. Black Christmas (1974)
2. Basket Case
3. The Beyond
4. City Of The Living Dead
5. Re-Animator
6. Return Of The Living Dead
7. Brain Damage
8. The Burning
9. The Evil
10. Creepshow
11. Phantasm
12. Dead & Buried
13. Sole Survivor (1983)
14. Demons
15. From Beyond
16. House Of Usher (1960)
17. Fright Night
18. The Hills Have Eyes
19. House
20. The Howling
21. Let's Scare Jessica To Death
22. Maniac Cop
23. Maniac
24. Mark Of The Devil
25. Tombs Of The Blind Dead
26. Nightmare
27. Night Train Murders
28. Black Sunday (aka Mark Of The Devil)
29. The Prowler
30. The Stepfather (1987)
31. Horror Of Dracula

Matt's Must See Modern (post-1990) Horror Films:
1. Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon
2. Trick R Treat
3. Let The Right One In
4. Martyrs
5. High Tension
6. Ju-On
7. 28 Days Later
8. We Craven's New Nightmare
9. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
10. Cabin Fever
11. Frozen
12. Audition
13. Freddy Vs. Jason
14. The Blair Witch Project
15. Saw
16. Hatchet
17. House Of The Devil
18. Inside
19. May
20. Interview With The Vampire
21. Mimic
22. The Host
23. Drag Me To Hell
24. The Descent
25. The Ruins
26. Cemetery Man
27. [Rec]
28. Dog Soldiers
29. Candyman
30. Dead Alive
31. Army Of Darkness
Eric's Top 5 Underrated Sequels

1. Son of Frankenstein
This third entry is overshadowed by the greatness of its two processors. It's not as good (how could it be) but the stylistic filmmaking and a solid performance by Basil Rathbone makes this a winning third entry that deserves to be rediscovered by fans.

2. French Connection II
No one seems to remember this sequel to the wonderful academy award winning original. John Frankenheimer proves he can hold up to original director William Friedkin with his gritty filmmaking style and Gene Hackman gives an acting tour-de-four as a heroin addicted Popeye Doyal. A must see.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge
Universally hated by Elm Street fans due to the fact it breaks a lot of rules established in the original. That may be but I give this sequel credit as it still makes Freddy actually scary. No silly jokester here! Truly how could anyone think this is worse than parts 4,5 and 6?

4. Hellraiser: Inferno
Series fans hate this sequel for it's lack of on screen presence of series icon Pinhead. I ask these fans "did you ever see part 1?" Inferno gets back to the Hellraiser back to basics and makes Pinhead a referee to the horror, instead of the main focus, allowing our human characters to be the true monsters.

5. Maniac Cop 2
The "Maniac Cop" series is seriously underrated in general as series director Willliam Lustig wonderfully blends action and slasher elements. With this sequel he works his ass off to make it look like it has 10 times the budget it had by giving the audience some high octane action sequences. One of the best sequels the horror genre has to offer.

Honorable Mention: The Rescuers Down Under
Disney rarely makes theatrically released sequels (though they load up on the direct-to-video ones) and this sequel to their 1977 classic "The Rescuers" is highly underrated. George C. Scott steals the show by voicing the evil poaching villain with his voice making the line "I didn't make it through the third grad for nothin'!" quotable to this day.