The Blood Brothers

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The Blood Brothers

Matt Reifschneider (darkreif)

Review Focus: Modern Cult Cinema (1990<)
Favorite Movie: A Better Tomorrow
Favorite Cult Production Company: Shaw Brothers
Favorite Cult Film Actor: Ti Lung
Favorite Cult Director: Chang Cheh
Favorite Martial Artist: Jackie Chan
Favorite Horror Film: A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)/Hellraiser
Favorite Sci-Fi Film: Blade Runner
Favorite Martial Arts Film: The 5 Deadly Venoms
Favorite Cult Subgenre: Martial Arts
Favorite Foreign Country/Region Cinema: Hong Kong

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Eric Reifschneider (cronosmantas)
Review Focus: Classic Cult Cinema (<1990)
Favorite Movie (tie): "The Thing" (1982), "Runaway Train" (1985)
Favorite Cult Film Actor: Charles Bronson
Favorite Cult Film Actress: Caroline Munroe
Favorite Cult Director: John Carpenter
Favorite Martial Artist: Sonny Chiba
Favorite Cult Production Company: Cannon Films
Favorite Horror Film: "Dawn of the Dead" (1978)
Favorite Sci-Fi Film: "RoboCop" (1987)
Favorite Martial Arts Movie: "The Street Fighter" (1974)
Favorite Cult Subgenre: Spaghetti Western
Favorite Foreign Country/Region Cinema: Italy

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The Blood Brethren

Josh Parmer
Focus: Korean Cinema, Japanese Independent Cinema
Favorite Movie(s): 1.) Hana-bi and/or Pale Flower (tie) 2.) Oasis
Favorite Cult Film Actor: Choi Min-sik
Favorite Cult Film Actress: Jeon Do-yeon
Favorite Cult Director: Shinya Tsukamoto
Favorite Martial Artist: Sammo Hung
Favorite Horror Film: Ju-on
Favorite Sci-fi Film: N/A
Favorite Martial Arts Movie: The Prodigal Son
Favorite Cult Subgenre: Martial Arts
Favorite Foreign Country / Region Cinema: South Korea & Japan

Alex Gerrish
Review Focus: Horror
Favorite Movie: The Babadook
Favorite Cult Production Company: Blumhouse Productions 
Favorite Cult Film Actor: Daniel Kaluuya or Rod Serling
Favorite Cult Director: Mike Flanagan or Jennifer Kent 
Favorite Horror Film: The Babadook 
Favorite Sci-Fi Film: Inception 
Favorite Action Film: The Matrix 
Favorite Cult Subgenre: Family/Mental Health Horror 
Favorite Foreign Country/Region Cinema:(Current-England or South Korea)
Scariest Zombies: Train to Busan

Kyle Boehrns
Focus: Editing 
Favorite Movie(s): Drive 
Favorite Cult Film Actor: Christopher Walken 
Favorite Cult Director: Wes Anderson 
Favorite Horror Film: Alien 
Favorite Sci-fi Film: Blade Runner 
Favorite Action Movie: Kung Fu Hustle 
Favorite Cult Subgenre: Sci-fi 
Favorite Foreign Country / Region Cinema: Hong Kong

John Price