Friday, August 28, 2009

Inside - 4/5

The French are normally fairly held back people. When it comes to Horror though, they tend to be balls out. And for handful that I've gotten my little hands on, they have worked out quite well that way. That includes this little ditty, as translated into English, "Inside".

Again this one tends have a lot of throwback old school Horror elements to it, while retaining that more than modern approaches. For the most part though, this feels like one of those minimalist films. This film has very little going on for a main plot. The one or two subplots (mostly the main characters interactions with the few other supporting cast - like her odd relationship with her boss) are both very subtle and only hinted at. The dialogue itself is sparse and only what is needed to be said is actually said. The lighting is very minimal and mostly based on the few house lights (which have a nice and very atmospheric yellow and foggy glow to them!) and even the editing is mostly pulled back with lots of fade out shots and only one scene of modern cutting (the very cool part where the villainess sits down to smoke and has this weird spastic moment...score!). In fact, there is only two things that are done in abundance in "Inside". Brutality and atmosphere. Both are spot on though with particular nod to how the directors bring out that suspense with the atmosphere. Very nice touches.

Most of the complaints I've heard from critics have to do with the brutality of this movie and whether or not its relevant to the plot. Personally, I knew going into this movie that it was ridiculously brutal and I was prepared for it. Although I can't say I wasn't squeamish at times (seriously, the belly button?!) with how realistic and heavy this film was. Towards the end it gets to be some much that one just sort of gets used to it. That is until the last few minutes of the film where it goes all out. The special effects are stupendous and most of the brutality felt real. So I can't complain about that too much.

If I had any serious complaints about this film it would be two small things. The somewhat poor CGI effects (mostly the baby but the fire was a bit odd looking too) and the odd moment with the police officer at the end. I don't want to give too much of the plot away (what little there is) but the police officer at the very end confused me because I didn't know what had happened to him or why he did what he did. It was one odd moment though and that combined with the somewhat poor CGI couldn't detract from this film's better aspects.

In the end, I very much recommend this film. As a Horror fan, its always nice to see a movie that uses a good dose of atmosphere to counter balance the heavy violence in it. Not to mention that this film just felt so realistic it was surrealistic. Kind of nuts, I thought. Another great movie to add to my list of those upcoming French Horror films. Bravo!

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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